Sub-metering – Benefits and applications

The benefits of sub-metering

To measure is to manage – and there’s no better way of doing it than by using a Sinergy sub-metering solution.Sub-metering does exactly what is says on the tin – it measures the amount of electricity or gas being used within premises in a precise and non-invasive manner. This information can be used in a variety of ways, from checking utility bills to carrying out an energy audit or implementing a cost centre charging programme.Energy costs are, typically, one of the top three spends for most organisations but in many cases commercial and industrial operations are unable to determine exactly where this cost is incurred and how to reduce it. The first step has to be pinpointing where and when energy is consumed, not only to enable users to identify potential waste but also to help forecast anticipated cost/carbon savings. And that’s where Sinergy sub-metering comes in. Energy-monitoring
Info-graphic It offers a simple, non-invasive method of achieving this, quantifying energy usage across a whole site, floor-by-floor/zone-by-zone or even by individual machine. Not only does it reveal precise details of power usage, it can also identify inefficient areas of operation, perhaps highlighting machinery that requires maintenance or that is nearing the end of its life and therefore using more electricity. This approach allows for far more specific identification of energy use – and the more information you have, the more power you have to take action. Armed with this information organisations can make properly informed decisions on energy cost reduction strategies, enabling premises users, owner, energy/facilities managers etc to select the most appropriate and effective energy management/saving initiatives.
Sinergy systems are portable or fixed, depending upon the individual application, and use non-invasive clip-on transducers (CTs) or Flexeclamp CTs to gather data. Both approaches utilise a precision wound aircored inductor integrally coupled to a hybrid integrator module to provide an ac voltage signal directly proportional to the ac current being measured. Other measurement techniques are available but our research and development has shown this to be the most accurate method. We offer a wide range of sub-metering solutions suitable for most applications. In addition, being a UK manufacturer, we can also design bespoke solutions. All Sinergy systems are supported with software options.