Cyprus power authority specifies Sinergy Escot sub-metering

Cyprus power authority specifies Sinergy Escot sub-metering


Managing the electrical power demands of a tourist hot spot is a challenge for many growing and established holiday destinations – and this is particularly the case in Cyprus where the population virtually trebles during the summer season.

In order to monitor the situation and identify potential problems, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) carries out load analysis measurements in summer and winter, comparing the current consumption of each and looking at individual locations where the amount of current drawn is particularly high.

For more than a decade it has used Sinergy sub-metering systems to help it accomplish this task, recently taking delivery of 24 hi-tech Escot clip-on metering units for use in various locations around the island. The automatic energy data capture units utilise clip-on transducers that transmit a low voltage signal directly proportional to energy consumption. This signal is recorded by an in-built data logger, allowing EAC to produce graphical analysis and CSV files.

Sinergy manager Nigel Taylor, who travelled to Cyprus to train EAC operatives on the use of Escot, explained more about the project: “EAC wants to make sure it is not overloading the electrical distribution system and therefore needed a cost-effective and efficient multi-channel sub-metering system. The major benefit of Escot is that it uses clip-on transducers – there’s no need for a three phase voltage connection and the integrity of cables is not compromised. Captured data is quickly and easily downloadable. As well as giving an in depth view of overall consumption, Escot also provides a more localised picture of current usage, as Mr Taylor explained: “Escot measures who is using what and when. In addition, the system can be fitted to a sub station powering, for example, a hotel to determine spare capacity on its mains feed. This information can prove vital if that hotel wishes to expand and is unsure if its mains feed can supply the extra power required to service the development. No one wants to overload an electrical distribution system or individual circuits.
For the EAC contract the Escot units were modified to measure Amps rather than kwh.Escot is just one sub-metering solution provided by Sinergy, which has a range of non-invasive systems that are easy to install and can be fixed or portable, depending upon the individual application.Electricity was introduced to Cyprus in 1903 but it wasn’t until 1952 that it became available to a larger number of small communities. At that time the island had just 20,000 consumers connected to the electric network. Within eight years that had grown to approximately 80,000 users. Growth since then has been massive, with a huge tourist infrastructure to supply. Cyprus-Escot-Data-Logger-3