£65,000 Savings In Just One Week

One week, £65,000 saving with our Sinergy e-Tracker

The client – a manufacturer of heating products – installed a Sinergy e-Tracker sub-metering unit to get an in-depth view of its energy usage over one week. When the stats were examined the company discovered its electricity meters were making incorrect readings. The matter was taken up with the power supplier and a refund of £65,000 issued along with an assurance that future bills would be correct. Factory-image
Sinergy-CTse-Tracker-and-flexeclamp The e-Tracker, which took about 30 minutes to install between the Mains supply cable and the Main Distribution Board, was removed after one week and the statistics examined.The client, with the aid of the e-Tracker, identified that its electricity meters were reading incorrectly. They questioned the billing data with their supplier and received a refund of £65,000.The Sinergy e-Tracker is a portable kWh meter allowing users to monitor incoming power supply, specific circuits/equipment etc to show the pattern of demand over an hour, day, week or month.The unit utilises non-invasive clip-on transducer (CT) clamps that are quick to install and do not require power being turned off. They are magnetic-backed so attach easily to switch boards making them perfect for temporary monitoring.e-Tracker measures current from 10Amps to 2500Amps. The system offers 16 days of battery life or runs off mains supply. Other features include pulse input, optional voltage connections, CT amps range indicator and EV-Trac electrostatic phase identifier.