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Multi-function clip-on kWh meter

KLIK4 is a multi-function clip-on kWh sub-metering system delivering companies with the means of identifying potential cost reductions by showing exactly where their power is being used and therefore enabling cost effective measures to be put in place.
KLIK4 is very fast and cost effective to install, all connections are plug-in and pulse outputs can be wired in low grade cable up to distances of 1 km. Fitting of CTs is easy, supplies do not need to be isolated or cables disconnected and separate cubicles, panel cut outs and CT mounting kits are all unnecessary. Energy profile detail can be collected by Building Management System (BMS) outstations or data loggers or both via MODBUS. KLIK4 meter pulses can be wired through buildings or transmitted across site or transmitted offsite using additional equipment.

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The KLIK4 units display true RMS values of phase currents to identify phase imbalance. System voltage, peak demand and power factor values are all displayed together with kW, kVA and kVAR demand levels and all energy registers for both import and export energy.

KLIK4 V-TRac takes the concept of non-invasive installation one stage further. As well as using clip on CTs, KLIK4 V-TRac only needs a single phase voltage connection. It then creates the 3 phase voltage measurement vectors in a safe, quick and very convenient way.

Sub-meter panels can be factory assembled and enclosures made to order enabling CTs to be easily plugged in significantly reducing system installation time. Panels can also be fitted with MCBs as desired.


• Backlit LCD screen
• True RMS measurement
• Plug in connections
• Import and Export KWh etc
• DIN-rail mounting (3 wide)
• Automatic CT detection
• Displays all measurements
• On site multi-pulse outputs
• Use 333mV/800mV clip-on bobbin or Flexeclamp CTs,
• Long distance CT wiring options
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KLIK-4-datasheetDownload the Klik4 datasheet

Our range of Flexeclamp CTs offer greater flexibility for the KLIK4 system

Flexeclamp CTs are invaluable for parallel feeders or where conductor spacing is very tight…. click here for more information on our Flexeclamp range of CTs.

NB: Do not use CTs on bare conductors



KLIK3 – No Longer Available


The KLIK3 digital metering system is an accurate and cost effective solution for measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters. Its easy programming, mounting and user-friendly navigation make the KLIK3 an ideal choice for customers who require reliable energy measurement.

The product features a DIN-rail enclosure, backlit LCD display and user programmable CT ratios, all accessible via an intuitive user interface.
KLIK3 measures 17 electrical parameters including total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement up to the 31st harmonic.

NB: Do not use CTs on bare conductors


• Backlit LCD screen
• True RMS measurement
• Modbus and Pulsed output as standard
• Works with Flexeclamp clip on CTs
• Long distant wiring with selected CTs
• User programmable system configuration
• Programmable CT ratio
• Import and Export KWh
• DIN-rail mounting (4 wide)

KLIK-3-datasheetDownload the Klik3 datasheet

Download the Klik3 User Manual