Flexeclamp CTs

Flexeclamp CTs

Our Sinergy Flexeclamps cover a wide range of sizes, current ranges and output levels to standard or OEM specifications.Flexeclamps have many advantages over their iron cored counterparts, they have minimal weight and mass, plus the ability to clip round all styles of conductors. Standard Sinergy Flexeclamps are unique in having a hybrid integrator/buffer embedded in the clip assembly. This is digitally calibrated and requires a supply of less than 1mA, which can often be derived from the power supply of its host. Flexeclamps with output voltages over 1.5Volts or with dc outputs use the inline integrator with wireable socket. Flexeclamp1

Flexeclamp works perfectly with:

• portable energy monitors
• sub-metering systems
• harmonic analysers
• benchtop instrumentation

NB: Do not use CTs on bare conductors

Flexeclamp CT Datasheet


Download the Flexeclamp CT datasheet