Escot – clip-on metering system

The ESCOT system provides a new approach to automatic energy data capture by using CTs which transmit a low voltage signal directly proportional to energy consumption. Low specification signal cables can be routed throughout a building, suspended over ceilings and via risers/cupboards to collator units.

Escot set up and output choice

The installer has the choice to use kWh pulse or serial data outputs. For the RS485 serial data output, up to eight 36 way panels can be looped together to create a 288 way system. This produces a CSV file of kW demand, phase current and power factor for each CT plus system volts.

The major advantage of using clip-on Escot CTs is that unlike standard sub-meter installations, no fused 240Volts or 415Volts connections have to be made at each remote meter point. This offers enormous cost savings for monitoring and targeting applications particularly in multi-storey buildings. Escot collators derive their operational power from a single phase supply. The Collator must share the same distribution transformer supply as the network over which the system Escot’s are fitted.Each Collator automatically calculates and injects the appropriate phase voltage reference vector into the Escot signal. Pulse and serial data outputs are generated with typical kW/kWh measurement accuracies in the order of 2%.


As with any investment the client needs a return and this is just as relevant for sub-metering systems. Through using the Escot system a large amount of data can be collated which can pinpoint areas where energy is being wasted and can subsequently be saved.

The Escot system will work in line with established metering software companies such as Optima and EFT to simplify and condense the time needed to fully understand the energy use pattern. Primarily it relieves the Energy Manager’s communication responsibilities by automatically producing and emailing specific cost centre reports to appropriate personnel.

The Escot Manager software designed by EFT provides automatic data collection and simplicity in use. High speed operation allows relevant data to be extracted by a couple of mouse clicks for standard or advanced reports for individual or virtual meter points. The number of points determines the software cost, but there are no annual service costs.

Escot Collator Panels

Each panel accepts up to 36 Escot CTs of any type. Unbalanced 3Ø loads need 3 CTs whilst balanced and 1Ø loads only use 1 CT.

We will fit collator panels into suitable enclosures or supply mounted on a back panel only.

Escot Basic and Manager Software

Escot logging software:
• Continuous logging of single or multiple Escot Systems
• Output constantly to CSV, or perform midnight extracts
• Instant reads available from meter points

Our range of Flexeclamp CTs offer greater flexibility for the ESCOT system

Flexeclamp CTs are invaluable for parallel feeders or where conductor spacing is very tight…. click here for more information on our Flexeclamp range of CTs.

NB: Do not use CTs on bare conductors


ESCOT Datasheet


Download the ESCOT datasheet

Flexeclamp CT Datasheet


Download the Flexeclamp CT datasheet